Roya Khadjavi Projects Group show “Rooted UpRooted”, New York - November 2019

Galerie Edouard Escougnou Solo show “L’Eloge de la Lumière”, Paris - June 2019

Herrick Gallery Solo show “The Nature of Light”, London - January 2019

Gallery Elena Shchukina Group show, London - October 2018

Wet Paint Gallery Group show “Contemporary Art of the Middle East” Chalford, UK - June 2018

Caravan                               Group show “I AM", Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, May 2017, London's                                             St Martin in the Fields July, then various US stops throughout 2018

Red Fox Gallery                  Group show, Bedford NY, Summer-Winter 2017

Total Arts gallery                Group show "The Image of Self", Dubai - March 2017

Etemad Gallery                   Group show "Blue Gold", Tehran - April 2016

Karavil Contemporary         Two artist show "Living - Fading", London - March-May 2016

Galerie Nicolas Flamel         Group show "Persian Garden" - June-July 2015

Ayyam Gallery                       Auction exhibit, Dubai - May 2015

Caravan                                 Group show “The Bridge", Paris/Cairo/London/USA Feb 2015 to late 2016

Francis Boeske Projects       Group show "Opening Up", Amsterdam - Jan-Feb 2015    

Parasol Unit                         Towards Tomorrow auction exhibition, London - September 2014

Pashmin Art Gallery             SCOPE art fair, Basel - June 2014

Shirin Art Gallery                 Group show “Black Gold”, Tehran - April 2014

S Artspace Gallery               Affordable Art Fair, New York - April 2014

Angela Hotel                        Solo show, Lech, Austria - Dec 2013 to Summer 2014

S Artspace Gallery               Group show “No Borders”, New York - November 2013

Opera Gallery                       Group show “Peace from the Bottom of my Heart”, London - April 2013

Seyhoun Gallery                   Solo show, Los Angeles, February 2013

Chloé / @60inches               Group show, Miami - Dec 2012 + National YoungArts Foundation benefit 

HS KunstGalerie                   Group show, Heidelberg - Dec 9, 2012 to Feb 1st, 2013

Kunst im Club                       2 artist show, Union International Club, Frankfurt - Sep 2012-Aug 2013

OpernTurm                           Group show, Frankfurt - May-June 2011

Bernard Chauchet                Group show, London - May 2011

Bernard Chauchet                Affordable Art Fair, London - March 2011

HS KunstGalerie                   Group show, Heidelberg - Nov 28, 2010 - Feb 1 2011

KiptonArt @60inches Group show “Kismet”, NYC - September 2010

Galerie Joseph                    Group show “Natura Femmina”, Paris - March 2010

Azadeh Gallery                    Solo pop up show “Veiled Revelations”, NYC - September 2009

Leila Heller Gallery               Group show “East West Dialogues”, New York - May 2008

Hun Gallery                         Group show: Seoul, South Korea - Summer 2007

Azadeh Gallery                    Solo pop up show “Puzzling II”, New York - May 2007

Azadeh Gallery                    Solo pop up show “Puzzling I”, New York - March 2006

Azadeh Gallery                    Solo pop up show, NYC - May 2005

Gigantic Artspace               Group show “Gen.R.8”, NYC, February 6 - April 3 2004

Gallery 49                            Group show “Holiday Show”, New York - December 2003

Curzon Gallery                     Group show, Boca Raton, FL - Spring 2003

Asia Society                         Live Auction - charity benefit, New York - March 27 2003


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Bedford Magazine             Full page mention of the "Fading Into Glory" series showing at Red Fox Gallery,                                                 Holiday 2017

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Financial Times                  Mention of the "I AM" London opening 8/9 July 2017

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Manoto                               Feature and artist interview during the "Living-Fading" London show, March 2016

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BBC Persian                       TV segment on “Peace from the Bottom of my Heart” show, April 2013

Manoto                               TV segment on “Peace from the Bottom of my Heart” show, April 2013

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