Revolution, loss, exile, and the idiosyncrasies of being stateless yet feeling proud of one’s heritage marked the early part of my life. I left my country at an age when one is too young to fully comprehend the magnitude of the situation yet old enough to be scarred by its consequences. From one day to the next everything I knew, cared for, and took for granted was behind me - out of reach. A diminishing proportion of my life has been spent in my country of birth yet the feeling of kinship to it remains strong like a rope that's been frayed yet defiantly holds its grip by some threads. The passing of time has only made me further appreciate and cherish the importance of history, roots and cultural ties. Diaspora, statelessness, transience, lack of continuity are my “normal”. However, I have found that such experience can bear unexpected gifts of strength, adaptability, empathy, and a heightened sense of observation. The cumulative effect of all this imparts and reflects itself upon my work

Azadeh was born in Iran and currently lives in London. Her work has been exhibited in Europe (Basel, London, Frankfurt, Paris), the Middle East (Amman, Cairo, Dubai) as well as the United States (New York, Washington DC).